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February 21, 2018 Marie Green 0Comment

So, you’ve been struggling to create subject lines that really convert for quite some time now.

You know that people judge emails by their subject lines. In fact, you read subject lines you can’t resist clicking every day.

You can’t help but wonder how they make it look so easy, because when it comes to your email open rate, success sometimes feels like a distant dream. No matter how hard you try, something keeps taking you back to square one.

Let’s change that.

In this article we will cover the tips and tricks the pros use to create subject lines that convert. Give these tips a shot and come back to me if they don’t work for you.


Tip 1: Avoid long, boring subject lines.

Remember that if the email subject line is too long, the text will be cut off, especially when viewed on a mobile device. Given the fact that 67 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices, you want to keep the subject line short and exciting. By keeping your subject line short, give the reader a reason to click through to learn more.

Bonus Tip: Do not create subject lines that are more than 50 characters long. People are more likely to click on an email if the subject line comprises no more than 50 characters. Why? Fewer characters make it easy for people to read the entire subject line.


Tip 2: Avoid making false commitments

The email subject line tells the reader what you will communicate in the message. Do not make a promise in the subject line that you can’t keep in the message.

Be realistic and reasonable. And make good on your promise. Tell them clearly what is inside the email.

Making a false commitment will annoy the readers and works against your goal of building trust. It will result in a higher unsubscribe rate and lower conversions.


Tip 3: Be sure to personalize the subject line

Personalized subject lines are more likely to convert. Always customize the subject line in some way to the target audience. A personalized subject line establishes affinity and trust, particularly when it is a name. Just imagine how would you feel when you get an email with your name in the subject line.

Bonus Tip: Try to mention the receiver’s first name in the subject line. Mentioning the location of the reader in the subject line also increases click-through rate and conversion.


Tip 4: Don’t use complex language

Readers scan through their emails quickly. So, don’t use complex terms in your subject lines they would have to look up to understand. Instead, use a concise, simple, and clear language. Make it your goal to clearly mention what benefit the reader will get by reading the email.


Tip 5: Do make the reader feel special

We all want to feel special. And we like people who make us feel special. The same holds true for email subject lines. When you make your readers feel special, it creates a sense of belonging, satisfaction, and delight. It helps establish loyalty and increases the rate of conversion. Use special phrases and see the magical results.


“Exclusive offer for you”

“A special gift only for you”


Tip 6: Allow your subscribers to laugh with funny subject lines

Happy subscribers are more likely to open your email. You can use funny subject lines to make your subscribers happy, which could possibly lead to conversion. Just imagine you get an email with a funny subject line that makes you laugh. What would you do? Chances are you would click on the email to see what’s inside. Making the subject line humorous require more creativity, and if you don’t have a good sense of humor or creativity, avoid this approach.


Tip 7: Do share a phenomenal deal

While nobody likes to be called greedy, most of us just can’t let a fantastic deal pass us up. Think about it. What if someone offers you 40 percent discount or higher on your favorite service or brand right now?

To improve your conversion, be sure to clearly mention the offer in your subject line. And keep your promise. Don’t use this trick just for the sake of click-through.


“70 percent off on all computer accessories”

“Get leather shoes at 50% off today”


Tip 8: Create urgency and excitement

Don’t make your email subject line boring. Use a language that creates urgency and inspires the receiver to click. Keep in mind that people fear missing out and get excited when there is a great offer. You can use this feeling to create a subject line that converts. Use words like important, urgent, and limited time offer in the subject line.

Here are a few more words that inspire urgency:

  • Hurry
  • Now
  • Today
  • Fast
  • Only
  • Quick
  • Discover
  • New
  • Results


Tip 9: Avoid using ALL CAPS

The 2014-2018 email statistics report by the Radicati Group shows that more than 85 percent of people prefer all lower case subject lines over subject lines in all caps. What this means is that your email has a good chance of being ignored if the subject line is in all caps. Also, subject lines using all caps tend to look spammy and this is something you want to avoid.


Tip 10: Try to ask relevant questions

When you ask relevant questions in the subject line, it creates a sense of curiosity, which can lead to click-through and even conversion. But keep in mind that the question must be relevant and relate to the subscriber’s persona or needs.

Example: “Are you making these subject line mistakes?”



In a nutshell, creating subject lines that convert is easier when you use the above tips. Here’s one last tip for you…

Now that you know the fundamentals, it’s time to take action. Get started by implementing these tips as soon as possible. Play with the examples to come up with your subject lines and see how your conversion rate increases.

Keep Building,